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XoXo *Escalators* XoXo



Dear Escalator

How can I just not love you?! You are the perfect example of ‘how things should be’.

I love how you take us to new heights, and the only thing we need to do is stand on you.
If only, life learnt a thing or two from you.

I love how we people can completely ignore the broad stairs beside you and patiently wait to ride you, even if there is a queue.

I love the bristles on your sides, it shows how much you care about us, I know you don’t want us to go to work with dirty shoes. So, you make sure at least one side of our shoes is clean.
(Fact: It is actually there so that our clothes doesn’t get caught in the machine)

It’s not just you I love, but also your sister, the one I find mostly in Airports. She is so cool, almost an escalator like you but doesn’t escalates. (They are called Travelators, I believe). Now who doesn’t like walking, without moving?!

I would really love it, if you can get in touch with the treadmill and teach him to be like you and start burning calories while we stood on it.

Continue Escalating.

~The Puzzle


The sin of Bingo text


Let’s see what are the seven cardinal sins we have:

And I think the time has come for us to include The Eighth Sin .

So, here I present to you the Eighth sin, to be added to the list.
8. Bingo text


Source: Google images

Taking into view the conversion of the modern world into the digital world. It has been seen that, expressing emotions and communication with one another has become heavily dependent on the written form.
In order to communicate quickly, People have started using ‘dis mthd 4 typn’ which is a sign of selfishness on the part of the sender, as in order to save his time he ends up wasting the time of the receiver.

For the betterment of the society and to save the beautiful language, anyone found indulging in this behaviour would have to face dire consequences, which might include banishment from the digital world.
Don’t you get irritated when you receive a message like that?! Do let me know, what you think.

~The Puzzle
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