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India’s Love.



India and Cricket!
The only time I see this country truly united is during a Cricket Match. It’s practically impossible to see all parts of the country cheering for the same outcome (except around the JNU campus maybe (Sorry, just had to do that:P)). If you witness something like that be sure, there’s a cricket match going on.

Independence or Republic Day can’t bring out the amount of Patriotism, a cricket match does in this country.
If it’s a World Cup semifinals or finals or a match against Pakistan, every possible place that could manage to get a projector will have a screening. It’s the best time to go out because that’s the only time you’ll find the streets traffic free.
When we win, the atmosphere is nothing less than a festival. In a country like India, with no dearth of festivals. We are hardly disappointed if a sudden festival comes in, we are more than prepared to deal with any kind of festivities.

Cricket and Me.
I would consider myself to be a pretty decent cricket fan. I won’t say die hard, because if you bombard me with cricket questions I can’t answer them.
But, I can’t miss India’s match during a World Cup, even if I have an exam the next day.
I would say I kind of understand the game, but if you tell me to look at a ball and judge what type of ball it was or how the batsman will react to it, than you are in for disappointment.

The only sport I have ever done was swimming, reason being, I don’t really like sweating and this was the only sport I didn’t have to sweat in.
So, of course keeping in mind my such amazing sports record, the fact that I really enjoy watching a sport is kinda shocking to me.

If someone told me, you are a reason for a billion people’s happiness tonight. A billion people wants you to give the best you can today. I would probably faint on the spot.
I genuinely appreciate the effort the players put in any sports. Winning Losing is a part of the game but just going there performing is really appreciable.
So, when people who call themselves ‘fans’ but could be better classified as a bunch of lunatics who starts acting violently attacking the players, just because the country lost the match, it really irks me. I think a person can’t be called a fan if they can’t take the outcome sportingly.

Anyway, It’s #IndvsWI WCT20 semifinal tonight, so just grab a bottle of beer sit back forget about our work and cheer for the men in blue!

~The Puzzle
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Envious? Hell Yeah!


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  • Oh my god! Look at her, isn’t it the 10th day in a row, she hasn’t repeated a footwear?!
  • Damnn! Look at that Gucci watch her fiance gave her. 
  • Holy sh*t! When did they go to Switzerland? Didn’t they just come back from vacationing in Hawaii?
  • Wtf!? How in the world, is he partying everyday, his one day snap story is more interesting than all the days combined in my semester!
  • Aww! The only single friend, I have changes relationship status to ‘in a relationship’. That’s. so. freaking. cute.

Does any of that makes me envious, believe me I’m trying my best to type no. But, I can’t, Of course it does.

I feel all social medias should come up with one tagline “Working hard to make it easier for you to envy your friends.” We did stay close and connected to the ones we wanted to, letters were good enough, but damn you, technology the closeness you have given us can sometimes be really suffocating.
Yeah, Yeah, Don’t start with how I can, stop using them. It’s not like if I start living in stone age, people will follow suit. I don’t have that type of devoted fans, whom I can lead by example. I might have one day.
These things make me envy people but that doesn’t last more than a few minutes or a few screenshots and gossips.

The one thing about certain people that I envy the most is Focus in life. I really Envy those people who have from the beginning known, what they wanted to do in life. The people who are sorted about what path they wish to follow. Be it a doctor or a model, they know that’s what they want to become.
I am jealous of them, who have figured out what it is that they love to do and are doing it beautifully.

I on the other hand, fall in love with a new profession everyday. My inspiration for a profession is directly related to the coolest guy’s profession in a novel I read or a series I watch. The only thing that happens faster than my shift in love for a profession is a death in Game of Thrones. I feel, I’m the most confused person I have known in my life.
I really envy those people who can answer the question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” with clarity and precision. I am like, it will be a surprise not only for you but for me too. The longest duration, I feel I can foresee is a year. I can’t go beyond that because I have no idea, when I’ll end up getting bored and shift to a different direction altogether.

For now, I really hope, I can keep my focus and keep working on my blog this time.

Drop it down.



Days have gone,
Memories are becoming hazy.
Don’t you frown.
Just Drop it down.

Relations have grown apart,
Once Friends now foes.
Don’t breakdown.
Just Drop it down.

Mistakes were made,
let it teach you not define you.
Don’t you frown.
Just Drop it down.

Burden of the past,
Let it not scar your present.
Don’t breakdown.
Just Drop it down.

We have a tendency to cling on to the past, be it mistakes, relations or memories.
Sometimes, that’s what disrupts our focus off the present. So let’s just deal with it once and drop it down.

P.S I felt the need to write this explanation para, because of the immense doubt, I have in my poetic ability.

~The Puzzle
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Change is inevitable.



One word prompt.


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As soon as we adjust ourselves to a change and start getting comfortable, life knocks us out with some other random changes.
Sometimes the changes lift our spirits higher, like when you make some new amazing friends in school and college. Sometimes they break us down, like when you have to say goodbye to them or they just drift apart. But, both times, it ends up teaching us a valuable lesson and reminds us, Change is inevitable.

The inevitability of change doesn’t make it a villain. It’s how you perceive it, that matters. Every change knocks on the door with opportunities, it depends on how wide you open the door.

The inevitable nature of change is what brings thrill to life. Maintaining an equilibrium in life for a long time, gets boring. From time to time, there should be shifts in the different curves of life, so that the adrenaline level increases or decreases. That is the only way to expand our horizons and grow to our full potential and sometimes even surpass them.

Ofcourse, I loved being a kid, who could cry and get her job done. I loved it when choosing the color of a crayon was the hardest decision I had to make. I loved it when being happy took the slightest of effort. I loved it when monopoly money was all I had to worry about.

But, I equally love to be responsible for getting my job done. I love it when I’m given power to make bigger decisions, which determines where I stand in life. I love it when I convince and work towards making myself happy. I love it when I pay real bills with real money.

If changes were evitable we would never step out of our state of equilibrium. Change is the only constant in our equation of life. So let’s accept it and go with the flow.

~The Puzzle
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