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 🇺🇸 Did you just. . . ? 


Hold on! ! I still can’t let it sink! This isn’t a joke, are we sure? This is really happening ? 

It is almost 12 hrs , but I am still not able to digest this. Did the world’s largest economy chose a sexist, racist man as their president ! ?  

I guess, it’ll take awhile for us to come in terms with the fact, that Obama will actually be succeeded by Trump . 

God Bless America 🇺🇸 !


Not even funny anymore!


I sometimes ask myself, I really like having this blog, so why am I not maintaining it? Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out the answer yet.

The last post I have is from 27th MAY!! It’s 28th August. 3 months and nothing. The 3 months were, kind of like a roller coaster ride, finishing college, starting job, shifting places. But still I can’t blame it on being busy, because come on, I would be kidding myself if I said, I was too busy to even find couple of hours to post something. The only thing, I can put my blame on is my laziness.

Considering, the heights of laziness, I have reached, it’s not even funny anymore.

those_lazy_cats (2)

I’m like this cat, who might like different things, but when it finds a comfortable place, instead of doing anything else. It prefers to fall asleep.

I’m sure, if we (kitty & me) had to put our life in hashtags, we would be like #sleepisbae #sleepislove #sleeplife #yawningforever #lookingforsleepingareas #excusestosleep 

I have made promises to be a regular blogger, so many times, that I’m not even sure, what to say anymore. But well, let’s try again. I will really try to make it a habit to at least have two posts in a week. I’m not sure about which days. But 2 posts a week.

Thanks for reading this completely useless and lame post! I’m sorry for this, but I promise, I’ll do a lot better than this. 😀


Beauty within.



Beauty is not in the face; Beauty is a light in the heart. 

It takes real effort to be beautiful from the inside. Afterall, there isn’t any edible makeup yet.
If you find a person with inner beauty, you might want to hold onto them.

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India’s Love.



India and Cricket!
The only time I see this country truly united is during a Cricket Match. It’s practically impossible to see all parts of the country cheering for the same outcome (except around the JNU campus maybe (Sorry, just had to do that:P)). If you witness something like that be sure, there’s a cricket match going on.

Independence or Republic Day can’t bring out the amount of Patriotism, a cricket match does in this country.
If it’s a World Cup semifinals or finals or a match against Pakistan, every possible place that could manage to get a projector will have a screening. It’s the best time to go out because that’s the only time you’ll find the streets traffic free.
When we win, the atmosphere is nothing less than a festival. In a country like India, with no dearth of festivals. We are hardly disappointed if a sudden festival comes in, we are more than prepared to deal with any kind of festivities.

Cricket and Me.
I would consider myself to be a pretty decent cricket fan. I won’t say die hard, because if you bombard me with cricket questions I can’t answer them.
But, I can’t miss India’s match during a World Cup, even if I have an exam the next day.
I would say I kind of understand the game, but if you tell me to look at a ball and judge what type of ball it was or how the batsman will react to it, than you are in for disappointment.

The only sport I have ever done was swimming, reason being, I don’t really like sweating and this was the only sport I didn’t have to sweat in.
So, of course keeping in mind my such amazing sports record, the fact that I really enjoy watching a sport is kinda shocking to me.

If someone told me, you are a reason for a billion people’s happiness tonight. A billion people wants you to give the best you can today. I would probably faint on the spot.
I genuinely appreciate the effort the players put in any sports. Winning Losing is a part of the game but just going there performing is really appreciable.
So, when people who call themselves ‘fans’ but could be better classified as a bunch of lunatics who starts acting violently attacking the players, just because the country lost the match, it really irks me. I think a person can’t be called a fan if they can’t take the outcome sportingly.

Anyway, It’s #IndvsWI WCT20 semifinal tonight, so just grab a bottle of beer sit back forget about our work and cheer for the men in blue!

~The Puzzle
Twitter handle: @shits_i_say

Destroying the Dementor


Daily Prompt:
Shape Up or Ship Out
Write a letter to the personality trait you like least, convincing it to shape up or ship out.


Source: Google

Damn Self Doubt

I could inquire about your well being. But frankly, I just don’t want to.
I never enjoyed your company to begin with, so I couldn’t care less, if you were trapped in a forest, surrounded by lions. Hell, I might even bribe the lions to eat you.

You are like the dementor. The only difference is you don’t live in Azkaban rather you reside in our body. You suck out the happiness, desires from us. You are like a punishment which if not worse than easily comparable to death.

You are like those grapes that looks sweet from a distance but when you get  closer to eat them, you realize they are sour. It feels easier to succumb to your threats than follow the path which could lead to your enemy Self-Confidence.

I am guilty of thinking of you as a friend, when you were actually the worst enemy, I could have had.
I can’t let you weigh down my dreams.
I know, I have the wings and all it needs is just some effort and I can fly.

I herewith deprive you of the right to influence my decisions. The only answer I will have for you, when you try to bury me with your words is ‘Try and convince me I can’t and I will show you I can.’

It was time we parted ways.
Expecto Patronum!
Your Destroyer

~The Puzzle
Twitter handle: @shits_i_say

One True Love.


So how did the Valentine’s weekend treat you guys? I hope everyone did all those lovey dovey gooey things. The kisses, the hugs, the cuddling, the gifts, the looking sexy in red like a traffic signal thingy.
I’m happy for the guys whose proposals got accepted, and deeply sympathize with the ones whose were rejected.
I’m glad for the 99.99% people who had ‘fun’ and excited for the 0.01% who might be unexpectedly surprised on November 14th.

Do you wonder, How my Valentine’s Day was? Don’t you? I’m gonna tell you anyway. I had the best day ever.
Did my love visit me? Yeah he did, late at night *wink* *wink*
Did he get me gifts? Yeah he did, he was loaded with gifts in and out.
Did we kiss? Ohh myy god, the kiss. As soon as my lips touched him, he melted on them. His taste still lingers in my mouth.

Even when he is far away from me, a part of him, sticks to me, my tummy or my hips. This, my friend, is true love.
He is the only thing in my mind, when I sweat out at the gym, I feel it’s him who’s running beside me on the treadmill, that’s the control he has on me.

He’s the perfect gentleman, I couldn’t have asked for more. All the way from Italy to India, our love has managed to cross the oceans. As they say, love has great power, so I have witnessed.

I don’t care what the society, thinks about us, I’ll always love you, my Pizza, my love, my everything.
Here’s to many more Valentine’s Day, with you baby, my only love. 🍕

~The Puzzle
Twitter handle: @shits_i_say

XoXo *Escalators* XoXo



Dear Escalator

How can I just not love you?! You are the perfect example of ‘how things should be’.

I love how you take us to new heights, and the only thing we need to do is stand on you.
If only, life learnt a thing or two from you.

I love how we people can completely ignore the broad stairs beside you and patiently wait to ride you, even if there is a queue.

I love the bristles on your sides, it shows how much you care about us, I know you don’t want us to go to work with dirty shoes. So, you make sure at least one side of our shoes is clean.
(Fact: It is actually there so that our clothes doesn’t get caught in the machine)

It’s not just you I love, but also your sister, the one I find mostly in Airports. She is so cool, almost an escalator like you but doesn’t escalates. (They are called Travelators, I believe). Now who doesn’t like walking, without moving?!

I would really love it, if you can get in touch with the treadmill and teach him to be like you and start burning calories while we stood on it.

Continue Escalating.

~The Puzzle

The sin of Bingo text


Let’s see what are the seven cardinal sins we have:

And I think the time has come for us to include The Eighth Sin .

So, here I present to you the Eighth sin, to be added to the list.
8. Bingo text


Source: Google images

Taking into view the conversion of the modern world into the digital world. It has been seen that, expressing emotions and communication with one another has become heavily dependent on the written form.
In order to communicate quickly, People have started using ‘dis mthd 4 typn’ which is a sign of selfishness on the part of the sender, as in order to save his time he ends up wasting the time of the receiver.

For the betterment of the society and to save the beautiful language, anyone found indulging in this behaviour would have to face dire consequences, which might include banishment from the digital world.
Don’t you get irritated when you receive a message like that?! Do let me know, what you think.

~The Puzzle
Twitter handle: @shits_i_say



Hey Bloggers!
I am not really a new blogger, I have started blogs two times before. One time it was boring and lasted hardly a few months.
The second one is a bit better but then I don’t know, it felt a bit too serious and mature. Unfortunately, there is a limit to how long I can remain serious.

Everywhere I went, I have read blogs should be about a niche topic something you really know about. But I am like the female version of Jon Snow, maybe slightly better because I know somethings but then I get bored and move to another thing and in the end I know a tid bit of things from here and there. Eh? You get it, don’t you? 😉

I would rather be a jack of all trades than master of one.
This time I really really hope I’ll continue with this blog because I want to make it simple and interesting that way I can upload whatever and whenever I feel like, rather than spending hours making my post look perfect.

So guys, maybe the posts in here won’t be to the mark or standard of many but I promise I’ll try my best to make them interesting. 🙂