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India’s Love.



India and Cricket!
The only time I see this country truly united is during a Cricket Match. It’s practically impossible to see all parts of the country cheering for the same outcome (except around the JNU campus maybe (Sorry, just had to do that:P)). If you witness something like that be sure, there’s a cricket match going on.

Independence or Republic Day can’t bring out the amount of Patriotism, a cricket match does in this country.
If it’s a World Cup semifinals or finals or a match against Pakistan, every possible place that could manage to get a projector will have a screening. It’s the best time to go out because that’s the only time you’ll find the streets traffic free.
When we win, the atmosphere is nothing less than a festival. In a country like India, with no dearth of festivals. We are hardly disappointed if a sudden festival comes in, we are more than prepared to deal with any kind of festivities.

Cricket and Me.
I would consider myself to be a pretty decent cricket fan. I won’t say die hard, because if you bombard me with cricket questions I can’t answer them.
But, I can’t miss India’s match during a World Cup, even if I have an exam the next day.
I would say I kind of understand the game, but if you tell me to look at a ball and judge what type of ball it was or how the batsman will react to it, than you are in for disappointment.

The only sport I have ever done was swimming, reason being, I don’t really like sweating and this was the only sport I didn’t have to sweat in.
So, of course keeping in mind my such amazing sports record, the fact that I really enjoy watching a sport is kinda shocking to me.

If someone told me, you are a reason for a billion people’s happiness tonight. A billion people wants you to give the best you can today. I would probably faint on the spot.
I genuinely appreciate the effort the players put in any sports. Winning Losing is a part of the game but just going there performing is really appreciable.
So, when people who call themselves ‘fans’ but could be better classified as a bunch of lunatics who starts acting violently attacking the players, just because the country lost the match, it really irks me. I think a person can’t be called a fan if they can’t take the outcome sportingly.

Anyway, It’s #IndvsWI WCT20 semifinal tonight, so just grab a bottle of beer sit back forget about our work and cheer for the men in blue!

~The Puzzle
Twitter handle: @shits_i_say


The Queen. The Colonized.


Today’s Daily Prompt is A Bird, a Plane, You!:

You get to choose one superpower. Pick one of these, and explain your choice:

~the ability to speak and understand any language
~the ability to travel through time
~the ability to make any two people agree with each other

Why not the other two?
I sometimes enjoy going to places, where I can’t understand the local language, then I find it easier to just ignore the sound around me. I’ll never know if the people around me bitches about me, praises me or ignore me.
I believe the effort needed to communicate when two people don’t understand each other’s language, is an interesting experience.

Among the few skills I have, I don’t consider socializing to be one of them. So, I really can’t care too much if two people wants to disagree with each other. I don’t want to force them, to do otherwise.
Maybe, yeah maybe, sometimes, I like when two people disagree about something.

Why I want to travel through time?
It’s because reading through the pages of my history books, I have always felt a strong desire to have an actual experience of the time written about.


I wish to have a first hand experience of the Indian royalty. Decked up in heavy ornaments and attires, I wish to experience the princess-ly treatment.
I wish to travel around the city riding a horse sometimes and sitting in the palanquin other times.
I wish to actually see the lives in the forts, which are just a part of tourist attraction today.


Image Source: Google

I wish to be a part of the Colonized India. I wish to put my hatred and anger that I feel now, when I read about that time, to proper use, by going back to that time.
I wish to tell my countrymen the wrong steps they took, and how it finally lead to the destruction of the country.
I wish to be a part of that moment, when the country finally was freed and became independent.

~The Puzzle
Twitter handle: @shits_i_say